Social Responsibility

Responsible Jewelry CouncilHamilton works together with various industry, governmental, and trade organizations to influence and encourage safe and responsible mining practices. In 2012, Hamilton was the first family-owned, independent jeweler to be certified by the Council for Responsible Jewelry Practices (website), an international non-profit organization representing over 60 member companies across the gold and diamond supply chain. Hamilton is one of 415 exclusive retail members to be internationally recognized and admitted into this prestigious group.

Corporate Social ResponsibilityHamilton Jewelers requires our suppliers and their agents to adhere to the Jewelers of America Code of Ethics, obliging all transactions to be conducted in an ethical and professional manner.

We expect our suppliers to comply with their national labor and environmental laws and regulations and to respect the fundamental International Labor Organization conventions, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.   Where the Code or applicable laws address the same issue, the higher of the two standards should apply.

This includes: Health & Safety, Remuneration, Working Hours, Discrimination, Harassment and Abuse, Forced Labor, Child Labor and young workers, Freedom of Association, Environment, Ethics, and Integrity. Further, we recognize the significance of our company's supply chain and we require that any gold used to manufacture merchandise produced for Hamilton should be extracted and processed in a manner that respects people and the earth. We believe that a commitment to responsible gold must include our suppliers, to ensure that best practices can be assured consistently throughout the supply chain.

Hamilton Jewelers takes our commitment to the environment seriously, and carefully monitors our carbon footprint.  Through such measures as:  energy efficient lighting and power in our stores, printing our media and collateral materials on FSC recycled paper, utilizing digital and electronic communication and media whenever possible, OSHA compliant waste disposal, and more.  We recognize our obligation to our planet and we will continue to improve our environmental policies.