Top Ten Tips For Motivating Employees

Published on September 8th, 2021

It’s one of the simplest ways to boost morale, raise collaboration, and encourage teamwork.  Keeping your associates motivated and engaged can make the difference in being GOOD to being GREAT.  Employee recognition is an ever-evolving practice, and it requires ongoing effort…but the payoff is significant and worthwhile.

Gift of Gratitude

Yes, it’s a basic one but one that everyone appreciates:  say Thank you.  Thank everyone.  Thank them all.   Take it further and write it down in a personal note; or use the power of social media…post kudos on your company’s social media platforms for the world to see; it will do wonders for morale and collaboration.

Meet and Greet out of the office

Don’t wait until a big occasion or holiday to treat your team to a group lunch, a pizza party, food trucks, an outdoor meal, or any other environment that is more casual than the office.  Team lunches can be a great opportunity to enhance communication within the organization.

The Timeless Wall of Fame

Another 'oldie but goodie'…think about having a place in the office where the achievements or accomplishments are displayed for the entire team. Or if you have the technology, have a digital screen for peer-to-peer shout outs, recognition, birthday, awards, etc. It makes the appreciation even more valued! Post on their LinkedIn page for extra accolades.

Encourage social responsibility

Let your team tell you what non-profits or organizations are important to them and then support those causes. People want an opportunity to make a contribution to society or the environment…show them support by valuing what is important to them.

Radiate Good Vibes

This one can be incredibly simple and particularly powerful. It's the little things: greet each other every day; really show an 'open door' policy that fosters communication; welcome suggestions; celebrate personal milestones and life events.

We all can Teach

Have your team share their expertise with each other to encourage collaboration and educate new hires. Let them take turns as the Educator so they can display their knowledge and everyone can benefit from their skill set…they feel proud and you have free training!

Encourage Personal Development

Maybe you have an athlete or an artist on your team…non-business achievements are always noteworthy too. Maybe sponsor the next 5k that some associates are running in, or highlight their accomplishments internally in your newsletter, social media, and of course in person.

Company Swag

Everyone loves swag! Whether it's a coffee mug with your company logo or a cool gadget…not only is it good branding, it's something that employees will actually use and appreciate. The side benefit is that your company name is shown over and over for minimal cost to you.

Encourage them as a Company Ambassador

Maybe you're accustomed to attending the local Chamber of Commerce luncheon, but how about letting someone from your team represent your company? Be sure they have business cards, another perk, and let them mingle and meet other business professionals to hone their craft or promote your organization.

Shadow with an Expert

Most professionals have a desire to be mentored by the best in their field. It is aspirational for people to interact with someone who is more experienced or accomplished in their area of expertise. Inevitably, they walk away with a renewed energy and passion to nurture their own skills and capabilities.

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