The Wave of Turnover Crisis – What you can do

The Wave of Turnover Crisis - What you can do

Published on June 22nd, 2021

Amongst the countless ways that the pandemic has affected our workplace environments, one significant and critical factor is employee turnover. HR departments for companies of all sizes struggle with this expensive and time consuming problem that can be a huge drain on resources and severely affect the bottom line.

From uncertainty surrounding furloughs to child care concerns to burnout from a year of unprecedented stress, employees are looking for alternative job opportunities that better suit their 'new normal' and provide a better work/life balance. Labor analysts are predicting an upsurge in voluntary employee departures, with 1 in 4 US employees planning to make a job change once the pandemic subsides.

Some of the numbers worth paying attention to:

Organizations spend time and money recruiting and training new staff, not to mention the loss of institutional knowledge and productivity when jobs are empty.  There are some clear trends to spot from the data being reported and there are easy steps that employers can take now to prevent an exodus.  

And here is where we can help.

Let Hamilton Jewelers help you create an Employee Recognition program to subdue the potentially devastating loss of your top talent.  We offer turnkey solutions for companies of ANY size and we do all the heavy lifting so your busy HR departments can focus on other strategic initiatives.   Now is the time to commemorate tenure, great performance, sales achievements, and dozens of other key milestones.

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