The Real Value of Employee Reward Programs

The Value of Employee Rewards

The Value of Employee Reward Programs

Published on June 13th, 2019

When it comes down to it, all aspects of HR — from recruiting and retention to talent management — rely on a healthy workplace culture to keep employees engaged. An employee reward program that recognizes workers' efforts and tenure can significantly impact employee satisfaction, which in turn lowers staff turnover and increases productivity.

HR professionals have many tools for developing and sustaining a high-performance organizational culture, including hiring practices, on-boarding efforts, recognition programs and performance management programs. HR's biggest challenge is deciding how to use these tools and how to allocate resources appropriately.

-Society For Human Resource Management

There are many positive impacts that extrinsic motivation, in the form of an employee reward program, can have on your organization.To learn what they are and how to get started, contact the professionals at Hamilton For Business.