The 4 Top Gift Giving Trends of 2019

4 Top Gift Giving Trends of 2019

Published on July 19th, 2019

Could your employee incentive program use a little pick-me-up? So far this year, we've noticed a few noteworthy trends in the corporate gift-giving space. Find out more about the major factors that are influencing employees' expectations for performance- and tenure-based present.

1. Gift cards remain a popular choice

Not surprisingly, one of the most common gifts to give staff members is also one of the most highly coveted items. According to a Google Survey, a majority of people would be most excited to receive a gift card from a coworker or employer. In fact,  44.2% of the 370 respondents cited gift cards as their first choice. A gift card to Hamilton gives employees the freedom to choose exactly what they would like the most, as well as ensuring the item is of enduring value and quality.

2. Customized gifts

Although gift cards will always be a hit in the corporate giving sphere, many employers prefer to go an alternative route, instead choosing something more personal. For the ultimate personalized incentive, employers can give their staff members something unique and customized. An item that is engraved, embossed or etched with the employee’s name or initials guarantees that the recipient will feel special and valued, with a one-of-a-kind reminder to treasure always.

3. The Rise of Wellness

In 2019, we've seen an increase in prevalence in the wellness industry. This is likely a result of the wellness practices shared by influencers on Instagram, YouTube and other forms of social media. Celebrities have a platform to share their wellness routines, from meditation and yoga to aromatherapy and cryotherapy. As a result, their audiences are taking their advice, investing in Himalayan salt lamps and essential oil diffusers to revamp their own wellness practices on a budget. Why not join this movement by providing your employees with wellness-based gifts?  Your team will appreciate that you want them to incorporate more wellness routines into their lives, improving their work-life balance, productivity levels and overall mental health.

4.Encouraging much-needed PTO

One of the greatest rewards an employer can offer their staff is the opportunity for travel, whether it’s for a business conference or meeting or for some rest and relaxation during paid time off. One of the most popular gift ideas for employees in 2019 is items linked to travel. No matter if the employee is traveling by land, air or sea, there’s no doubt they could use something to improve the quality of their expedition. One favorite is the Cashmere Sleepy Aero Travel Set, which will keep them warm and comfortable on their flights, whether they are traveling for business or pleasure.

Find the right match for even the pickiest of employees.

Whether you have no clue or you know exactly what to give employees for their tenure or hard work at your organization, you can find the perfect gift from Hamilton. We provide a selection of exceptional workplace incentive pieces, from jewelry and watches to home decor and crystal.