Employee Recognition During Unprecedented Times

Employee Recognition During Unprecedented Times

Published on July 27th, 2020

Employee recognition is more important than ever. With all the changes happening in society and in the workplace, it is essential to continue to reward and engage workers. Taking the time to address the important aspects below will lead to employees feeling acknowledged, respected, and valued.


To address uncertainty in the workplace, it is important to maintain communication. With rapidly changing circumstances, positive and supportive messages will keep employees engaged and informed. Recognize that your employees will have questions and concerns. Keep them up-to-date with any changes happening in and out of the workplace. Having a plan of action will give workers a sense of relief. Communicating on a more personal level can attribute to your employees feeling valued and encouraged to continue their hard work.

Health & Safety

Your employees want to know that their health and safety are taken seriously. Ensuring that the proper policies and protocols are put in place will make your staff feel valued and protected. In terms of the recent events, providing necessary health and safety materials and resources is very important. This might include face masks and other protective gear, hand sanitizing stations, preventative barriers, social distancing guidelines, and more. Show your employees that you are taking the necessary precautions to mitigate risk in the workplace.

Remote recognition

Telecommuting has become mainstream for many businesses. Companies around the world are encouraging their employees to work from home. With this emerging trend comes the challenge of keeping workers engaged and connected. Recognition is a great reminder for employees that they are still a part of the team and that their dedication and patience is appreciated. We recommend managers take the time to personally recognize individuals over the phone or through video chat instead of just in an email.


Keeping up with positive feedback and recognition will improve company morale during these troubling, uncertain times. Employees will look back and remember how your company handled the challenges presented to them. It is important to respect your employees and what they might be dealing with outside of the office. Recognizing and rewarding people for even just their daily efforts can go a long way and brighten someone’s day. Being empathetic and understanding will be remembered long after these unprecedented times so ensure you are making the most of it.

Employee recognition is the most effective way to instill stability, confidence, and loyalty in your employees. Remember to keep constant communication, implement the proper health and safety measures, recognize your newly remote workers, and keep company morale high. These guidelines will remind workers that they matter and are still an important and essential part of the business.

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