3 Non-Performance-Based Employee Characteristics to Recognize

3 Non-Performance-Based Employee Characteristics to Recognize

Published on January 14th, 2020

When you're looking for new ways to promote excellence within your organization, you might consider looking for out-of-the-box strategies for employee recognition. Offering rewards that aren't directly linked to their performance can help workers feel valued as a person, not just as an employee.

There's nothing wrong with a performance-based recognition program. It's natural to want to applaud employees for their achievements, whether they brought a six-figure sales deal or made an awe-inspiring innovation to the business' existing strategy. But when reward programs become strictly performance-based, they can lead to a vicious cycle in which the same employees are the ones getting recognition.

Rather than going off performance alone, businesses should applaud their workers for some feats that aren't directly linked to the company's success. Here are some non-performance-based characteristics worth celebrating:

1. Mr. or Ms. Congeniality

We're not talking about a popularity contest — though there's no doubt the friendliest, most optimistic workers are among the most beloved figures in the office. It's worth recognizing the employee(s) who effortlessly improve the company's culture. Maybe it's the person most likely to put a smile on your face after a tough day, or perhaps it's the co-worker who remembers everyone's birthdays. A little bit of kindness goes a long way in the corporate sphere. Whether workers feel intrinsically or extrinsically motivated to spread kindness, it doesn't hurt to incentivize positive attitudes through a Mr. or Ms. Congeniality reward.

2. Star Brand Advocate

In recent years, companies have tried to encourage their employees to become social sellers and brand advocates, spreading positive news about the organization through various social media and branding channels. Whether or not your business has an employee advocacy program in place, it’s worth acknowledging the staff members who have gone above and beyond in promoting the business.

When one of your employees has made an impact on your company’s reputation through sharing branded content or job openings on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks, they deserve some praise. Not only does a brand advocate award show staff members that their online presence can make an impact on the organization, it can encourage other staff members to become social sellers.

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3. The Innovator

In today’s tech-driven world, it can benefit companies to take strides in improving the technologies they’re working with. “The innovator” award is a great way to recognize an individual in the company that has made an effort to improve the business on the technical end. The staff member might have developed a new process for doing something that has saved their team a lot of time or improved the quality of their work. Or this worker might have encouraged the business to take on an outside tech vendor that has provided the organization with a significant ROI. Essentially, this award goes to a worker who takes it upon oneself to improve the business from the inside out.

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